Do good, better

This summer during a meetup in New York our project manager and co-founder, Piotr Myszczyński met Kevin, head of North America business development at OST. During a casual conversation Piotr and Kevin observed that a lot of projects on the OST platform need skilled developers. One of those projects happened to be The Rainforest Foundation US (RFUS). A music superstar Sting and actress Trudie Styler founded the organization in 1988. Kevin decided to connect Piotrek with the RFUS team. To talk about a possible collaboration with the project under the OST challenge.

The challenge

Impressed with the Foundation’s accomplishments, we went for a brainstorming meeting with their leadership team. We discovered that the foundation had recently entered an OST Alpha Dev Challenge, an event that enables developers to integrate Branded Tokens into their apps. How to make donating to a cause fast and simple? That was a question we posed to ourselves. The goal was simple enough, but how to get there? Our solution was to create a connection between brands and the foundation by integrating social media and OST Blockchain technology.


The solution

By integrating Instagram and Blockchain with a algorithmic tool that scans the IG’s feed for post with specific hashtags, and instantaneously triggers a transaction between a brand’s account and the Foundation we created a charity campaign that allowed a brand to further their social reach and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts, while enabling the Rainforest Foundation to easily acquire funds. We not only created the technology, but also designed the model campaign and produced a short video that explained it’s function. 

In the digitized world software companies have to find a way to fit in between specialization and generalization of services without losing the quality of the final product. We work in a team of hand picked specialists from various industries – IT developers, marketers, designers and video makers. This structure allows us to bring a unique approach to a project. Therefore, we can focus on a goal and a way to reach it, rather on tool itself.

You can read on about the OST challenge on their website. To learn more about our different blockchain implementation click here. If you want to learn more about Blockchain potential click here.