Choosing the right software development partner is a critical factor in ensuring the success of your project. How do you decide what software development company to collaborate with since there are so many of them on the market offering all kinds of services? What are the key aspects you should take into consideration in the first place? Let’s see what are the first steps you should take when selecting a top software development company to collaborate with.


Look into the company’s website


When choosing a potential software company, visit its website first. Check out whether there are reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Can you find any publications with the case studies? Look for descriptions of its previous works, functionalities and technologies used. Carefully go through their portfolio, if there is one, focusing on the company’s product design and performance.


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Verify the experience of the software development team


Don’t forget to look for reviews over the internet, for example on Clutch. This service allows to check the performance of a software house and what customers think about it. Applover is also listed on Clutch. Don’t hesitate to check out its profile where you can find verified reviews from former clients, learn more about the company’s credibility and skills. You can also contact previous customers if possible to hear their opinions and recommendations. If a software development company has several awards, it also contributes to its good reputation which means that such a partner is definitely more trustworthy than one that doesn’t have any distinctions. Applover has been acknowledged by Deloitte as a #13 Tech company in Rising Star Category in its 2019 Ranking.


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Relevant experience and technologies are the clue 


In which business niches did developers complete their previous projects? If they have developed a product similar to yours, it will be much easier to organize the work process and implement successful solutions, tested in practice. To choose the right partner, use an experience-oriented approach. For example, if you need help with UX – look for a full-stack digital agency with experience in website design. Consider a development company with experience in projects within a similar or the same area of business. If a software house built an application for e-commerce, it would be easier for them to create an app for ordering food.


See how the communication looks like


Key elements to successful project development are communication and integration.  Work with a software house that values these aspects to obtain a product of high quality. Make sure that the company you collaborate with has a good understanding of your needs and communicates clearly. It should be accessible and available to contact on a regular basis. When selecting your future contractor, inquire about what tools you will be using to get in touch – at Applover we connect with our clients on Slack, Gmail, Google Hangouts. Jira Software. Those tools allow to plan, track and adjust work schedules when it comes to completing project tasks. At the same time, we always adapt to customers’ needs and preferences. Another crucial thing you should pay attention to is the English proficiency level of a potential partner – your requirements will be understood in a proper way which leads to fast feedback and boosts productivity.


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Inquire about primary project cost calculation


Ask your potential partner to estimate the basic project development cost. Pay attention to team engagement when negotiating with the developers, verify what elements their offer contains. Does it include designs and tests? Do you have the right to ask for corrections? If so, then when and in what length of time? Check how the calculation of the project cost is constructed, does it make logical integrity? Do they treat you with respect for your time? What are their strong sides? Asking the following questions allows you to get a better understanding of a potential partner’s proficiency and the company’s approach towards your project.


Time spent on looking into the software house’s offer will pay off during the realization process of your project with the chosen partner. Stick to a software development company offering high-quality service at a reasonable price. A smart option is to go beyond your market when looking for a potential contractor as project development in the United States, Germany or the United Kingdom may carry a hefty price tag. That’s why when deciding to choose a trusted partner in Poland, you can reduce business expenses without sacrificing quality.



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Don’t be tempted by the cheapest option


Willing to obtain a product of high quality and to get the most out of using it, we shouldn’t expect to go for the lowest price. Companies that provide high-quality service ensure application/website security. They test your software for bugs during the development process. When working on project realization, take into account matters such as effective website/app maintenance and transparent smooth communication. Clear definition of expectations towards the final product and its goals and understanding them by developers is the key to a successful collaboration. Considering all these aspects takes time. But thanks to this the final product will fully meet customers’ expectations, while all the possible disappointments will be prevented and eliminated.


Selecting the right software development company for future cooperation


To summarize all of the above, the success and quality of your project are directly linked to the proficiency of a software development company you choose to collaborate with. Even though selecting the proper one which will meet your needs takes time, putting some effort into the investigating process will definitely pay off. We believe that taking a piece of advice into consideration will help you in your decision-making process in the future.