Let me introduce Patryk Tokarek, the CEO and the Founder of iNeoSyte!

We wrote something about the app before, but now we asked Patryk to answer us a few questions about his product, what has he achived and what are his future plans. Enjoy!

Piotr Sędzik (Applover): What is iNeoSyte – what does it do, why did you invent it, which value does it provide?


Patryk Tokarek: iNeoSyte is an application that quickly and easily helps in creating construction documents such as daily or inspection reports. With the application you can add information about the progress, difficulties, inspections or approvals, enrich the description with the picture and generate professional report to a PDF file, which you can then share in the cloud, or send an email.


PS: For who it was created? What story stays behind iNeoSyte and how did you get the idea?


PT: Application is designed for management staff on construction sites who are struggling with traditional paper form of preparation or with documentation transfer. The idea came during a daily struggle at the construction field and using the reporting tools that were not accurate enough and were absorbing a lot of time.


PS: What have you achieved with your application?


PT: iNeoSyte has been qualifed into the final six best business ideas in the biggest polish acceleration program – STARTER ROCKET in Gdansk. Currently the application is tested by several large construction companies in the UK and is available in the App Store and  Google Play Store. Since August, the application registered over 200 users and it is regularly used by a lot of people – even in Australia and Brunei.


PS: Could you tell us a little bit about the technical specification of iNeoSyte?


PT: At the moment iNeoSyte system consist of synchronized versions of iOS and Android applications and also of the web panel. iNeoSyte collects location and weather data and then uses forms to create full reports.


PS:  What are yout further plans? What do you want to achieve and what are the prospects for the future?


PT: I want to integrate the application with document management systems for large construction projects and programs which use the BIM system (Building Information Modeling). We started preliminary discussions with manufacturers of equipment for construction firms and companies dealing with software for construction companies.


PS: What are the plans for the further development of the new features?


PT: I would like to make iNeoSyte more advanced system for managing construction projects. What i  mean by that are investments such as power plants, highways, office buildings, tunnels or railroads. I also want to take advantage of IoT devices and wearables to be able to better manage workers and tasks and the construction field.


We, As Applover, created the iOS and Android App and also a Web Panel ?