Bench by Applover is an IT system that will enable multi-faceted examination of skills, experience, personality traits, and soft skills in potential, outsourced developers. It aggregates data on candidates’ profiles, which complements the original psychological research of a given candidate and a reliable assessment of technical skills. This combination is essential to avoid possible misunderstandings and personal disagreement between the client and the developer or the developer and the rest of the team


How is this possible? Thanks to machine learning and fine-tuning by our proven specialists, we can match developers so that their knowledge, experience, interests, and even character traits fit perfectly and work well in a given project.


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Who can benefit from Bench?


Bench is an application that will work perfectly well in HR departments engaged in recruitment for programming and supporting positions. It will also work perfectly fine for companies that have decided to outsource their technology projects. It is an excellent solution for those who plan to implement new technologies or solutions and do not want or do not have enough resources to recruit a whole team of experienced IT specialists. 


What problems does it solve?


Thanks to the possibility of correlating the skills and personality traits of the programmer with the requirements of the project and the expectations of the customer, it is possible to perfectly match the specialist to the team and project.


When deciding to outsource programmers who will support the development of your project, it is good to choose people who will be a fit for your team and the whole organization.  It’s obvious that companies are already characterized by a specific culture, customs, and work approach. Bench allows you to eliminate the problem of hiring developers mismatched to your organization’s traditions, rules, atmosphere, and workflow.


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Bench allows optimizing the idea of outsourcing specific tasks in your project. A perfect fit, supported by empirically proven knowledge, will allow you to choose specialists who will meet the requirements of your project. They will fit well in the culture of your organization and your ways of communication. Besides, if you decide to use Bench you will have a 7-day trial period without any obligations. It’s the time that you can use to check if the chosen team meets your needs and requirements.


Key features of Bench


The feature that most strongly differentiates Bench by Applover from other similar tools available on the market is an algorithm for examining correlations between the client and employee data. It aims to investigate the correlation between the client’s data and the data concerning the software house employee. It helps to choose a team for a given project to increase its chances of success. Moreover, the Bench algorithm uses machine learning and will learn from the choices made and the subsequent evaluation of effectiveness.


What data does Bench learn from? Which aspects does it take into account when selecting a team for a given project? Data comes from two sources. The first one is employee-related information. It consists of technologies and foreign languages known by the developer, information about their professional experience, preferred technologies, areas of interest, and their personality assessment. The second source comes directly from the client. It concerns such information as the size of the team the developer will join, how the project is managed, its location, and whether there is the possibility of remote work, preferred communication language, and technologies.


Bench enables maximum optimization and success of the project.


How did we create it?


As I mentioned earlier, Bench comes from Applover’s years of experience in IT outsourcing. The finished product consisted of 6 months of work of back-end developers and 6 months of work of our front-end developers. 


We created the tool because we know how challenging outsourcing IT can be. We operate on the software development market since 2016 and wanted to translate our experiences and knowledge into the best possible solution for our clients. Knowing the needs and preferences of both – developers and our clients, we know how important it is to work with the right team on the right project. Moreover, we have invited psychologists from the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities to the project’s team. They served as substantive consultants which we believe adds greater value to our product. 


This idea came to us because we cooperate with almost 100 software houses (IT companies) in Poland. Using their internal resources allows you to generate value for 3 parties (us, a software house, and an employee). The application was created in Ruby on Rails. The Ruby language and the Rails framework are an ideal solution for implementing web applications such as Bench due to the acceleration of the development process.


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The visual layer of the application, professionally called front-end, is based on the Vue.js framework. It allows quick development and is characterized by the small size of the framework packages, which contributes to its high performance. This framework provides the highest quality of experience while using the application. According to the fact that user experience was incredibly essential for us, we choose the above technology.


Bench by Applover – how does it work?


The process that allows perfect matching of specialists to the project consists of several crucial stages.


Analysis of your needs

In the first one, we get to know and analyze the needs of the client and the specifics of the project. This is extremely important because it is the starting point for the whole procedure of matching the right specialists to the project. It requires the involvement of both – the customer who knows and understands their idea best and our specialists who will be ready from the very beginning to lead the fitting procedure and move on to the ideal matching of specialists to the assumptions of the project.


Let’s get to know each other

After we have thoroughly learned and analyzed the project’s needs and challenges, we can move on to the next stage. This is when we will arrange a meeting at our headquarters or in a place that’s most convenient for you. We can also discuss all the important topics during a video conference at the time most suitable for you.


We already know the specifics of the project and its assumptions, but meeting you is also incredibly important. It will allow us to get to know the atmosphere you care about. Both in terms of the product itself and cooperation with the future team. Since you’ll be working with them on your project, and this process can take weeks or even months, we want to ensure that, in addition to a perfect selection of talents and skills, the professionals working with you will match your organization. As Applover we have almost five years of experience when it comes to outsourcing specialists. During this time, we have had the opportunity to realize that in this type of cooperation, the personality traits of people with whom the project is co-created are essential.


Developers matching

The two previous stages served to learn about your project’s specifics, the goals you want to achieve, and what you value in cooperation with other people. Now, the machine learning algorithm will allow you to perfectly complete and match a team that will work correctly with your project, both in terms of skills, experience, interests, and the work approach.


Meet your team

What we have already emphasized is that teamwork is not only about the right skills and knowledge. It’s also about excellent communication and cooperation between the two sides. Thanks to machine learning, we select your team in terms of experience and expertise necessary to complete a given project as well as personality traits. That is why it is important for us that you get to know your team before the kick-off of the cooperation.


Starting work on a project

After meeting the team, you can start working on the project immediately. Bench’s specialists will take care of all of the issues related to the technical specification, and you can focus on business management, running the company, and further development.


Want to find out more about Bench by Applover?

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7-day trial period


Bench’s idea is to best-fit developers to your needs, project specifics, requirements, company’s culture, and processes specific to your organization. As we care about the best possible fit and your satisfaction, we offer a 7-day free trial period, without any obligations. This is the time when you can check the team selected by Bench in the project environment. At the end of the trial period or during its duration, when you conclude that you are not satisfied with the cooperation with the specialists selected by Bench, you can resign without any consequences and costs.


7 day trial


Bench by Applover, an innovative product for outsourcing IT


5 years of Applover’s experience in outsourcing, psychological knowledge, and machine learning allowed us to create a tool that brings outsourcing and recruitment for programming to an entirely different level. Thanks to it, it is possible to perfectly match specialists to a given project based not only on CV and declared knowledge of given technologies. But also based on their personality traits and predisposition to work in specific conditions. Want to see how it works by yourself? Check out our website:!