Hiring and training an IT employee can be very expensive and time consuming. Temporary staff don’t always live up to the standard. But there is a way to reduce costs of labour as well as increasing your efficiency – Outsourcing your IT staff.


There is a lot of upside to outsourcing. First of all it’s a way of acquiring an experienced specialist tailored for your needs. Contrary to an in-house IT technician whose work environment is basically isolated. Outsourced employee brings in the experience gathered by the outsourcing company throughout the years. A well thought out outsourcing service can result in reduced costs and increased efficiency. Outsourcing converts fixed IT cost into variable costs which gives the client more control over money – in short you pay for what you use.

The important thing is also a relation with the Outsourcing provider – which may help smaller companies level the playing field against the bigger competitors with an in-house support service. It may give the smaller players access to the technology and expertise available to the big guys.


What to remember when outsourcing an employee?

It’s not so easy to get a perfect fitted employee for your company, even through Outsourcing. It’s crucial that the Provider you chose has a system of profiling the available employes with the help of Business Psychologist. So they can chose an employee that will be best fitted for the task at hand. Not only technical skills matter – it’s important to understand the nature of the team / company and the soft skills of the employee. For example, an introverted employee might be the best specialist in Ruby On Rails, but his contribution might not be effective if he is to work in a team full of extroverts. Sensitivity to those subtle distinctions make a outsourcing provider a great partner to any company.

Here at Applover Software House we put major emphasis on relations – between employees, as well as board members and staff. We try to know our employees as best as possible, besides simple team integration techniques we enrolled help of a Business Psychology Specialist. Ania created profiles of every employee which showed us every strength and a best environment suited for each developer.

Communication and Feedback is king

The basics of successful cooperation with the Outsourcing Provider is to communicate. Feedback from the client as well as the employee helps to tailor the Outsourcing service best as possible. The information from the clients show their needs, and satisfaction form the the outsourced employee work. The information from the client helps us better understand the needs and the environment. This is data which is extremely hard to acquire during the briefing process.