You can start a blog without spending money however, it will require time and effort. The first thing to do is choose the area of interest that you are passionate about. This will enable you to create better content and make your blog more appealing to readers. You can also discover free tools and resources online that can assist you in creating quality content. The next step is to choose the best web hosting company. This is important since it lets you build your website and blog. You should look into the many web hosts that are available.

The next step is to decide on how you are going to make money from the blog. This can be done through affiliate marketing, advertising, or any other methods. You should choose your monetization strategy as soon as possible so that you can determine the content for your blog in line with this strategy. You should also study your readers to determine if they are interested in the area you’ve picked.

You can also begin by becoming freelancer. Many jobs are available, including social media managers as well as search engine optimization specialists. These positions can be very lucrative, particularly if work hard and are persistent.

Inquiring for money from friends and family can help you get your blog started in case you’re still struggling. It could be a modest amount, but it’ll help start your blog.