The holiday season and new year just around the corner. It’s time to reflect and summarize the past 12 months. We must say that 2018 was a very good year for Applover, not only we were able to meet our goals financial-wise, but we were able to grow our team!

Here are just a few numbers we are quite proud of:

89% of projects delivered on time
30+ projects has been completed this year
Our clients were from 7 countries around the globe
10 new faces in our team



New Clients, New Places.

One of our biggest accomplishments this year was opening a new office in New York! In the May of 2018 – Jan Kamiński and Piotr Myszczyński opened our sales office in the heart of The Big Apple. New Yorkers can find us at 315 W 36th St, NY 10018. It was a long time coming, as we were acquiring more and more clients overseas, not only in the USA. This year Applover also created products for clients in the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Dubai! Actually, the majority of our clients came outside of Poland. This shift from locally operated business to a global model brought us not only more revenue, but most important of all – priceless experience.



HR challenges.

With the ever growing demand for our services, we had to expand our team. It’s never easy to hire new people, especially in such a challenging industry. It’s difficult to stand against big corporations in the race for a talented developer. We might not be able to compete with a corporate infrastructure, but with a good team management and a right approach, we can be more attractive for a potential employee. We put more emphasis on creating a good atmosphere and integrating the team, also outside the work environment. Organizing two integration trips this year – in the winter and the summer. They did not only boosted the morale of the team but also had brought us closer together. All this work resulted in a very low employee turnover – only one person left our team and 10 people joined Applover this passing year. We’ve grown from 23 to a 32 person team.




This year Applover was also recognized with a couple of awards and nominations. One of our biggest success as a team was being recognized by the as one of the top IT Companies in Poland. We cherish relations with our clients, which result in good reviews on the platform.
In November we took part in Hack Yeah – The biggest stationary Hackathon in The World. Our team led by Piotr Sobusiak won second place in one of the challenges – you can read more about our project and experience here.

The biggest news came in December when our New Business Developer – Jan Kamiński, and our COO – Piotr Sędzik were nominated by FORBES Magazine and McKinsey Company as one of the most promising entrepreneurs under 25.



Coming year.

Overall it was a very good year for Applover Software House, we have good momentum and we want to make use of it. We set ourselves some goals for 2019. Amongst them are:

50 people on the onside team
Internal startup project
Opening an office in Berlin