Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential – Winston Churchill once said. By planning, we understand the well-organized process, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to software development projects


That’s why at Applover we do our best to make it as organized and transparent as possible. It’s crucial to make the software development process smooth and delivered on time. Clients need to know how to follow the progress and what to expect after every step of the process. Ever since we can remember, our clients had access to our process book explaining how we work and why all the steps we take are so necessary.


We like challenges and we continuously work to improve our processes and make them easier to understand for our clients and new members of our team.


Find out how we work and get to know our team


As we are continually growing and getting more experienced. That is why we decided to verify our development processes with Applover’s developers and designers. We knew that they changed due to our growing experience and new specialists who have joined our team since the last version of it. Therefore, we decided not only to expand our knowledge and enrich our process but also to update our process book. In the new document, we also introduced our team members, describing what each of them is responsible for. We did this because we always care about being transparent and making all the stages of the software development process easy to understand. This is extremely important in avoiding misunderstandings, implementing the project, and being satisfied with the final result.


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How to take the maximum advantage of our process book?


In Applover’s process book, you will find information about the elements that make up each stage of a software development process. You’ll find out what our developers, UI and UX designers, testers or project managers are responsible for and who to call once you want to change something in the project or get the information about the graphic design. You will find out who you can ask to explain each part of the project, who is responsible for the formalities, and who will explain the programming jargon and make it understandable even to a person who knows nothing about programming and digital technology. Follow Applover’s process, lean on the project manager, and understand every part of it!


Applover – what does our process look like?


At Applover the mobile application or website implementation process consists of 5 stepsbrief, initial valuation, the first workshop, the second workshop, and kickoff. The number of people involved in the implementation of your project will vary depending on its size, difficulty, and requirements.


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You can get involved in the whole process as much as you want. Yet remember that your knowledge and accurate communication of your project vision will be essential to achieving the goal. Sometimes clients underestimate the essence of the initial stages of a project. At the same time, there’s no doubt that whether it’s a website or application design, this moment is significant and provides the foundation for future products. That’s why it’s crucial for us to work together, to provide you with information about how the development is progressing and explain why a given step is essential and why we’d appreciate your involvement. It’ll pay you off with the on-time delivery and high quality of your project.


What to do when your goal is a software product?


The best idea is to follow a well-organized process and a team of experienced developers, graphic designers, and managers. We start each project by sending a brief to our clients i.e., a document containing a list of questions that will help us get to know your assumptions and goals as thoroughly as possible. It’s safe to say that the brief is a starting point for creating an initial valuation, starting work on the visual design and technology. This stage is not binding for you. It allows getting to know the outline of the budget that will be needed to create the project described by you in brief, and to plan further activities related to e.g., application release, website publication, or business activities related to the project. 


The next stage of work, after a pre-approved valuation, is the transition to a workshop process. In this step, representatives of your idea and the development team will be involved. It’s also an excellent moment to get to know your assumptions and clarify the functionalities of the website or application and your business plans related to the project. Having all the information, understanding your goals, and further plans, we can start working on your project’s implementation.


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When to expect the kickoff of the software development project?


The knowledge you gave us in brief with the information you provided and conclusions we reached together during the series of two workshops will allow us to create a transition to work on your project. We start by creating a technical specification as a starting point for each team member. In this document, you will find all the guidelines that both designers and programmers should follow. On this basis, people responsible for the visual design of your website or application can start their work. Once the project is approved, the programmers can start their work. After the implementation process, your product is ready for release.


Of course, this is an outline of our process, which you can find in our new process book here.



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What are the team members’ roles in a software development process?


It often seems popular to think that creating a project is the sole responsibility of the programmer and possibly an accompanying graphic designer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Project managers, business analysts, and several programmers also take part in professional programming projects. It’s the only way to achieve the high quality of your product and the intended business goals. To get to know our team members and their roles in the project, take a look at our latest process book and find out what they are responsible for. This knowledge will help you to understand the process better. In turn, knowing what team members are responsible for will significantly improve communication by addressing your questions and comments to the right person who will be able to give you reliable, understandable, and free from programming jargon answer. 


From our latest process book, you will learn about the responsibilities of our programmers, UX and UI designers, and project managers. You will learn what each of them is responsible for, who you will contact with at each stage of the process, and how the team members can help you once you need an explanation.


Applover’s process book 


There is no denying that the process and structure are essential when it comes to developing any software project. Without it, the work on a website or application is much longer, and the effect often differs from the initial assumptions. To improve it and finally enjoy the desired effect, it is good to understand what the whole process is about, what results can be expected at each stage, and who to contact when something is unclear. All of that information you will find all this information in our updated process book.